BJP Machinery using Media Propaganda to blindfold India

“Congress is a party of Muslims”. It is hard to remember the last time, there was a clear narrative regarding Hindus and Muslims, since independent India? Before people could witness Independent India, Jinnah of Muslim League had demanded Pakistan, he had made it clear that Congress is a Hindu party and therefore Muslim League should be given the right to establish the land of Muslims; Pakistan.

It is amazing that 70 years ago extremists on one side declared it a Hindu party and the extremists on the other side declared have declared it a party of Muslims today.

India’s Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has spilled the beans for BJP in a recent press conference when she said, “If Congress is trying to win elections on the basis of religion, then we fear that If tensions occur in sensitive areas, then Congress will be responsible. ”

Doesn’t this sound like Nirmala Sitharaman is hinting that the BJP will cause trouble and riots in areas when Congress has a stronghold?

The strange thing is that BJP (NDA) is in power in 21 states of the country. All the government machinery is under the control of the BJP government, but if there is any riot, then the responsibility will be dumped on Congress … so is being claimed by the Defense Minister of the country?

Farah Naqvi, an excellent speaker writes, “If Rahul Gandhi, or any person related to the Congress party claims that Congress is a Muslim party or such a fake news is spread out, can people like Nirmala Sitharaman understand that there can be no political future for such a party in a country whose 86% population is non-Muslim?”

BJP is engaged in creating and spreading propaganda day and night by resorting to dock media.

Just as Adolf Hitler’s prime associate in the Nazi regime, Joseph Goebbles said, “A lie repeated 100 times becomes the truth”. The same can be said for BJP using propaganda to not only hide its own inadequacies but also instigating communal hatred to further its own cause of crushing the minorities.