Who is behind al-Qaida, Daesh and other organizations to come?


The U.S. government was under the impression that they will be met with flowers as they prepared for the occupation of Iraq, but soon after the occupation, they quickly understood that this was not the case. Immediately following the war on Iraq, both Sunnis and Shiite Iran sympathizers started anti-U.S. attacks, and attacks from many different parties and internal skirmishes, along with the occupation, made Iraq a country that is no longer livable.

U.S. competition with Russia in Afghanistan developed the Afghan concept of jihad in order to prevail over Russia, but the media at the time reflected the mujahidin as real freedom fighters, unlike the media of today trying to portray Muslims as devils. As a result, jihadists that came forth to fight the “infidel Russians” from all parts of the world formed an important group. Later, they became elemental in supporting war in other regions of the world. The global colonists that are implementing the plan saw the name “global jihad” as conveniently befitting. Al-Qaida, established and managed by the U.S. and financed by Saudi Arabia, paved the way and became the cause of the occupation of Afghanistan, followed by Iraq. After the 9/11 attack on the twin towers, al-Qaida’s founder, the U.S. prepared the psychological base to occupy two countries with it. Later, the U.S. took the role of the hunter of al-Qaida and killed its head, only to replace it by forming a worse organization in Daesh.

When the Syrians started the uprising for freedom and a better life, the internal skirmishes and the struggle looked like a competition between “the Syrian regime Iran” versus “the opposition Turkey. When al-Qaida and important opposition groups became Daesh overnight, I knew that the West has started to play its strategic game. From the day of its establishment, I have always purported that Daesh is a Western organization because none of Daesh reflexes look like an organic organization. Daesh has portrayed a very negative image of Muslims starting with the well-studied Khawarijism that emerged during the first 100 years of Islam, taking into hand Saudi Wahhabism’s extortionate topics that would infuriate the devil itself.Western experts discussing Daesh questioned their communication strategy, combat tactics and which countries they got members from, but as if they have a unanimous agreement, they never ventured to question who established and managed this organization, who they are serving and what their purpose is.

The British, from the time of their occupation of India, have a culture they have developed to rule Muslim communities by creating perverted sects and develop passive Muslims predisposed to violence. Daesh is a monster with the in-depth knowledge of Britain, the intelligence power of the U.S. and the capital of Saudi Arabia. Iran, on the other hand, has been pleased to see such an organization and has itself formed equivalent counter-groups.

Daesh occupied a large area in Syria and carried to the world agenda outrageous topics of Daesh decapitations, burning people alive and female circumcision. While the total percentage of the U.S. that watched news on the Middle East was 2.5 percent before Daesh emerged, this rose to 35 percent after Daesh, which means that the U.S. has established legitimate grounds to be in Syria.

Daesh first occupied large territories and later handed over the lands to the PKK established by the U.S., and hence, the U.S. reached a position in which they were able to control a large piece of Syria through the PKK. In this case, a most interesting alliance escaped the naked eye – a Marxist, Leninist, and Stalinist PKK affiliate became a U.S. partner. This is a very difficult point for the U.S. to defend.

In short, the U.S. pushed aside the coalition formed by 60 countries in order to defeat Daesh and chose a PKK affiliate as its partner.The BBC news report was shocking when it said that the U.S. is taking action to relocate Daesh members to secure areas instead of fighting to eliminate them.

The truth has come out. Daesh is a Western organization and bears no Islamic objective. It came to being to work in cooperation with Western intelligence to harm Muslims, just as al-Qaida served the U.S.


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