Was the AMU-Jinnah Controversy made-up in the face of Karnataka Elections?

Since 2014, when BJP formed the government and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country, India has witnessed a stranger rise in attacks on minority communities.

While our the Saffron government chooses to stay quiet whenever there is a situation of law and order crisis, be it Military perpetrated atrocities in Kashmir, be it countless rapes, be it flogging of Dalits, harassment of Scheduled Castes and tribes, extreme violence against the Muslim community. However, there is one situation when the BJP opens its large mouth, only to comment on Congress’ remarks on the kind of silence BJP dons in the situations where quick government action is required.

Just when May began, a shocking incident in AMU, made us meet face to face with a shocking reality. Not even one word, not a word from our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was busy tweeting in Kannada, a language he has never ever known. Voicing loud, boisterous “Jumlas” and attacking the Congress in Karnataka, PM Modi is desperate to pin the BJP flag in as many states as possible. He is over concerned about the potential BJP states and completely oblivious to the people residing in those states.

In Karnataka, Muslims make up at least half the population in at least 8 constituencies and in a dozen more seats they can play a decisive role in deciding the winner. Not surprisingly, the BJP does not have a single Muslim candidate. The Congress and JD(S) do have Muslim candidates, but their numbers in the Assembly have been dwindling with each election, even though it is expected that this election will see caste and religious lines being drawn more sharply than usual. (Murthy, Ayswarya. Firspost.in)

In his recent tweet, PM Modi accused the Congress of spreading divisive politics, however he needs to definitely answer my question, which is, PM Modi, would you enlighten us with a solution as to what needs to be done with the 15-20 Right Wing activists who daringly marched into the Campus of Aligarh Muslim University in a bid to attack Ex Vice President, Shri Hamid Ansari, who was on his visit to the University and to pull down the portrait of Pakistan founder and freedom fighter Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

Right Wing Extremism is on the rise and its aiming to crush everything on its way, closely affiliated with Hindutva, a pivotal policy of the BJP, we cannot and should not digest silence any silence we’re served.

Has India really started working this way, was the entire AMU controversy stirred up just to tell Hindutva supporters that the BJP is not going to aid Muslims, be whatsoever. Was the AMU Controversy fired up only to let Muslims know once again that their lives are still very unimportant to the BJP or does BJP really want to mobilize its Right Wing supporters to gain as many seats possible in the coming elections by showing them the least amount of concern that can be shown for Muslims? Well Played, BJP




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