American repeated story with oil-rich countries, this time – Venezuela


Venezuela has been a Spanish colony in the past, but now it is a federal republic and the president, as highest executive in this country is elected by people’s vote for six years. Venezuela is the world’s largest holder of oil reserves, 300 billion barrels, almost double Saudi Arabia.

Today, Venezuela has suffered a complex fate, the fate of which the flavor of the different hardships comes to smell, from quasi-coup to terror and sanction! but why? The political relations between the United States and the Republic of Venezuela began in the 19th century. Initially, relations between the two countries were very good in terms of commerce and investment; during the period of the conservative government, Raphael Caldera, the relations between the two countries culminated; during this period, America became the biggest oil partner of Venezuela and regarded as one of the largest investors in the oil and energy sector of this country.

With the arrival of Hugo Chavez, the honeymoon relations between the two countries ended and tensions began between the United States and Venezuela. Chávez and his political parties have radically changed the political and economic structure of Venezuela and relied this transformation on the left views and national economy. one of the first organizations that was targeted by Chavez was oil industry.

Chavez in order to increase government revenue from oil sales and the change in its management expelled US executives of Venezuela’s oil company and increased the role of government in the organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC). The changes that overthrew America’s domination in Venezuela’s oil industry and again a coup … In 2002, the Americans tried to implement the version of General Pinochet’s coup in Chile precisely in Venezuela. But with the supporting Chavez by people, this coup failed. In 2013, with the death of Chavez, Maduro could became the president of Venezuela. a man with Chavez’s thoughts and anti-colonialism of America, but again, the US government with sanction and terror went on to fight against the Venezuelan people.

After the 2017 presidential election, Venezuela exposed to widespread attacks from America and the European countries. America claimed fraud in the election and a pre-planned media attack started. The United States was trying to employed its mark. (John Bolton’s comments). Juan Guaido was the rival of Maduro in the presidential election. But immediately and after a year of presidential elections called himself Venezuelan president.

Europe and the United States consider him to be the legitimate President of Venezuela. Contrary to people’s vote, the repeated scenario is still repeated and the urban war begins in Venezuela and democracy for the United States means the triumph of vertices in line with America policies.

According to statistics of Latino Barametro institute, the level of satisfaction to democracy in Venezuela has now reached 82%. 82 percent confidence in elections to Venezuela does not matter to America. What is important for the United States is the domination on Venezuela’s vast oil reserves.