A Sino-Russian military front against a US military action?


Hours after news reports that “militiamen are preparing to carry out terrorist attacks on Venezuelan territory and while the country, still in need of electricity, faces an attack with electromagnetic bombs, China has decided to send its troops to Venezuela where they should participate alongside the 100 Russian military advisers in preparations for war supposed to counter acts of sabotage, or even military destabilization maneuvers, of the United States. S-300 missiles are deployed south of Caracas and Russia claims to have opened a training center for Venezuelan pilots.

It is in this context that a group of 120 soldiers of the Chinese People’s Army landed on Margarita Island off Venezuela. Officially, the Chinese military is responsible for distributing humanitarian aid and providing technical assistance to the population, but informed sources say that Chinese military personnel also include cyber war specialists in their ranks.

The Chinese army has rarely been mobilized for extra-border missions, especially in Latin America. This is an extremely strong step in China’s new military policy that no longer rules out a possible military confrontation with “the enemy” when a friendly, allied country is in danger.

Earlier, Russia sent an An-124 military transport aircraft, an IL-62M jetliner and more than 100 men to Venezuela on Saturday (March 27th), amid rising tensions between Caracas and Washington. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Colonel-General Vasily Tonkoshkurov, Chief of the Land Staff, accompanied the Russian military.

The experts note above all the synergy and coordination that exists between Beijing and Moscow in Venezuela where very large oil interests are at stake. What message does the Sino-Russian mission convey?

The military deployment of the Venezuelan state’s allies does not only refer to energy concerns. It also sends a firm and clear message to the White House which is now to threaten in addition to Venezuela, its Russian and Chinese allies: Moscow and Beijing will not leave the Venezuelan state alone in the face of US machinations.

While it is true that such an anti-imperialist anti-imperialist synergy has been a great success in Syria by committing Iran and Russia alongside Damascus, it is also true that in Venezuela, China has just made its first baptism. fire in the matter.

Even in Syria, where Beijing has so far only been providing humanitarian assistance to the population, the time has come for more military activities for the Chinese. In October, Beijing applied to take part in the fighting in Idlib as Qaeda terrorists of Chinese origin are fully active in Idlib.

In Venezuela, China has just taken a first step which gives us an idea of ??what could be a US anti-imperialist front with a strong military commitment in the years to come, said Amir Abolfath, Iranian expert on international issues, who notes: “For the time being, we do not know what the Chinese warships that have just landed on Margarita Island are carrying, but they are well aware that Russian fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear missiles are already in Caracas. . ”

According to another dispatch from Caracas, the Venezuelan army is now equipped with the S-300 missile system that allows it to defend the important facilities of the country including airports.


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