Yazidi girl accidentally meets her Daesh kidnapper in Germany

The Kurdish Bas News newspaper published the story of a Yazidi girl who returned to Iraqi Kurdistan after she met her Daesh kidnapper who tortured her for ten months by accident, while in Germany.

The newspaper said that the girl named Ashwaq, “was 15 years old when she and her entire family were kidnapped by Daesh armed militants in an attack against the Yazidis in northern Iraq four years ago. Then they sold her and her sister as well as other women and girls. Ashwaq was forced to live with a Daesh fighter known as Abu Hammam.”

The newspaper added that “Ashwaq managed to escape and reach the Peshmerga forces’ areas of control, and resided there with her relatives for some time. She later moved under a humanitarian programme as a refugee with her mother and one of her brothers to the German city of Stuttgart.”

The newspaper clarified that “after she spent three years in Germany learning German, Ashwaq met by accident the Daesh fighter “Abu Hammam” who bought her years ago in Mosul for $ 100 and had tortured her for ten months.”

Bas News pointed out that “Abu Hammam did not try to keep out of sight, but returned to get in her way and harass her in the German city. She had no other choice but to tell the administration of the camp where she lives and the police, but the German authorities did not take any action against him, which prompted her to decide to return to Iraqi Kurdistan.”

Source: Middle East Monitor