What Israel will have to fear in Syria


Beirut. If Israel continues its strikes in Syria, the balance of power, as defined, will eventually change. In such a situation, Israel’s violations will not go unanswered by Iran.

Many strikes have been launched in recent weeks against Syria that no party claims. The last of them against Hama and Aleppo even provoked a heavy balance of losses in the ranks of the Syrian army. Western media have announced the death of several military advisers of Iranian nationality, information categorically denied by Iran.

Meanwhile, there are many analysts who do not eschew Israel’s involvement in these recent attacks, although the Israeli authorities prefer to remain silent on the subject.

On Monday, April 9, Israeli warplanes had already targeted the T4 military base in Homs where Iranian military advisers were present. The raid resulted in the death of 7 of them. Speculation is booming on the possible Iranian response.

The British newspaper The Independent has warned that one should not rely too much on restraint from Iran, otherwise Tel Aviv could be taken aback: “At the threshold of the likely withdrawal of Donald Trump from the 2015 agreement on the Iran’s nuclear program, Iran felt that any act of retaliation against Israel in these critical moments would not be in its favor. ”

The Iranian authorities seem to ensure that Trump does not find an alibi against Iran in these sensitive moments, according to The Independent, who then focuses on Israel’s assessment of Iran’s possible reactions to escalation. strikes against Syria.

“Israel,” says the analyst, “would have no interest in testing the restraint of Iranians in Syria in the coming days. But Israeli leaders do not seem to care, so many are the Israeli provocations against Iran. ”

For The Independent ,if Israel continues its strikes against Syria, things will eventually change and then “neither Iran nor Russia even less stay arms crossed” and the newspaper concluded: “Any reason to keep Israel n is not in a position to push Iran out of Syria, and any provocative act by Israel against its Syrian neighbor is potentially perilous.If a great war comes to take place, Israel will suffer first because neither the United States nor NATO do not share common borders with Syria or Lebanon. “

Source: iuvmpress.com