Unidentified Israeli forces torture a 7-year-old Palestinian child

KAFR QADUM: An Israeli group that documents human rights abuses by Israeli forces against Palestinians shared a video on December 28 that shows masked men, said to be Israeli soldiers, detaining a child amid clashes with protesters in the West Bank on December 23.

The group, B’’Tselem, said protesters from the village of Kafr Qadum were staging a weekly protest march against the nearby Kedumim settlement when the incident occurred.

Weekly protests began in 2011, eight years after the 2003 expansion of Kedumim cut off the main route from Kafr Qadum to Nablus.

B’Tselem cited the seven-year-old boy who was briefly detained as saying a group of children was walking ahead of the main crowd of protesters when one of the children “threw a stone towards a dirt mound that had a tin sheet on it.”

A group of masked, armed men then appeared from under the sheet, ambushing the march. The boy said the other children ran away, but that he could not because he was afraid. “I cried and screamed because of how they looked. The soldiers detained me for about 10 minutes. They shot at the protesters with me next to them,” the boy was cited as saying.

The video here, edited by B’TSelem, shows masked men holding a boy as a violent standoff takes place with protesters. Stones are seen landing near the masked men, one of whom is seen firing into the air. The Palestinian International Solidarity Movement and the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported that three Palestinians were injured by rubber bullets.

Later in the video, masked men are seen removing what appear to be camouflaged sheets from either side of the road.

The boy is seen being released back to the protesters, after what was said to be 10 minutes.


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