Traditional weapons are enough to kill our people, Syrian deputy FM says

A Syrian official made a slip of the tongue during an interview last Thursday with Syria TV when he said there was no need to use chemical weapons against the Syrian people as traditional weapons were enough.

“We cannot use (chemical) weapons against our people, and why would we use them? Normal weapons are enough,” Syrian Deputy-Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said when asked about western threats against the regime if it uses chemical weapons in Idlib where a battle is looming.

Mekdad tried to rephrase what he said so he added: “Traditional weapons against terror groups have been enough.”

His statements sparked activists’ outrage on social media as they shared his “boastful” statements, slammed them and criticized western governments for “allowing” Assad to kill the Syrian people and resuming his actions to the point that a regime official is bragging about it.

One activist commented: “He wanted to add kohl to the eye but he blinded it,” in reference to the “trouble” Mekdad has caused the regime following his “shameful and brutal statement” admitting that they kill the Syrian people with ordinary weapons.

One Twitter user wrote: “And he’s supposed to be the smartest among (the regime officials)!”

“The man is being frank. He’s saying what’s in his heart. There is no need to kill the Syrian people all at once but they can kill them slowly,” another said.

Source: Al Arabiya


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