Saudi Emir calls for military campaign against Kuwait, sparks backlash

Saudi Emir Khalid Bin Abdullah Al-Saudi has called for a military campaign against Kuwait, sparking a wave of criticism and calls not to meddle in others’ internal affairs.

Al-Saudi wrote on Twitter: “Kuwait needs [a] new ‘Operation Decisive Storm’ to purge it from the dirt of [the Muslim] Brotherhood and the supporters of Hamads [the Qatari ruling family]”.

Operation Decisive Storm is the name given to the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen in 2015, where civil war has since devastated the country.

Al-Saudi’s comments sparked a backlash on Twitter, with one user writing: “Kuwait does not need advice from you. Thank God, we have our own emir Subah al-Ahmad al-Subah whom we obey. He does not need your advice, too. Unlike others, he is not isolated from his people”.

Another user wrote: “All the Gulf States need to be purged from [the Muslim] Brotherhood on top of which is Saudi Arabia. Twitter users have full freedom to tweet whatever they want excluding criticising God, Prophets and the emir. If this existed in Saudi Arabia, twitter would have been plagued with the Brotherhood’s poisons”.

A third user wrote: “You claim you are strong. [US President Donald] Trump insults you every three days. This is the absolute humiliation for you and your [King] who suffers from Alzheimer… He humiliated you with his latest remarks when he said you will never remain more than 12 minutes if he ended his protection”.

Source: Middle East Monitor