Saudi Arabia ready to confront Iran with ‘all strength & determination’

Riyadh will confront Tehran with “all strength and determination” if need be, the Kingdom’s FM warned after the crown prince received a call from Washington in which the sides discussed ways to ensure regional “security.”

Tehran seeks to destabilize the entire region, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir stated, urging the international community to intervene and stop it before it is too late. Claiming that Riyadh wants nothing but peace, the minister announced that the Kingdom stands ready to respond with full force against its arch rival if “the other side chooses war.”

Earlier on Saturday, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held a phone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which the sides discussed developments in the region and joint “efforts to enhance security and stability.” 

King Salman meanwhile asked Arab leaders to attend an emergency summit in Mecca on May 30 to discuss attacks against the oil sector, which have with little proof been pinned on Iran.

Four commercial ships were damaged off the coast of the United Arab Emirates last Sunday, while several days later oil installations in Saudi Arabia were allegedly targeted by drones. The US used the incident as a convenient pretext to deploy warships and strategic bombers in the region, citing an imminent threat from Tehran to American interests.

Iran denies any involvement in the attacks, claiming it has been framed by “radical individuals” who are trying to pull it into a war with the US and its Persian Gulf allies.

Source: RT