Riyadh Hospital Staff on Strike due to Pending Pay

The hospital management has been unable to pay its staff since 3 months

RIYADH: The employees of a private hospital in the Eastern Province have stopped working over the issue of non-payment of salaries for two to three months. The employees, who have been on strike for three days, have sought help from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. “The complaint has reached the ministry, but their cases have been transferred to the commission for the settlement of labor disputes for resolution,” Nada Mansour, spokesperson of the labor bureau in the Eastern Province, said. “It’s still under consideration for possible solutions.”

Quoting a hospital employee, an online report said: “In some cases, the hospital management failed to give the salaries of some employees for the last three months. In other cases, the delay is two months.
The employee said that a number of her colleagues relayed their grievances to the top

management and requested that back salaries be paid. “But there was no positive response from the management.”

She added that many of those who had complained against delayed salaries are graduates of the hospital’s nursing institute and decided to eventually work at the hospital after graduation. “However, their idealism has turned into illusion. They cannot be blamed. They have financial needs or families to feed or to help in their respective countries,” she said.
She said the case of delayed salaries at the hospital was not new. “It has been recurring from time to time. It used to happen in one department only, but was eventually solved. Now it has become frequent,” she said.


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