Revealing a secret meeting between Netanyahu and Sisi

The Israeli media revealed that the Israeli Prime Minister “Benjamin Netanyahu” held a few months ago a secret summit with Egyptian President “Abdel-Fattah Sisi,” and discussed the issue of political settlement in the Gaza Strip.

The channel “tenth” Hebrew today quoted US officials as saying:

“The summit, which was held in Egypt on May 22, focused on discussing an agreement to return the Palestinian Authority to take control of the Gaza Strip, cease fire with Hamas, ease the siege on Gaza and steps to activate humanitarian projects there.

The channel explained that “Sisi” stressed during the meeting on the need for the return of the Palestinian Authority to the sector, even if it was gradually and refused to “Hamas” to disarm the heavy weapons first.

The “Sisi,” according to the channel, that “Israel” and the Arab countries and the international community to put pressure on Palestinian President “Mahmoud Abbas” to achieve this goal.

The channel added:

“The meeting also touched on the issue of Israeli citizens detained by Hamas and the remains of two Israeli soldiers killed in the sector, as well as the peace plan that the US administration is preparing.”