Qatar organizing extremist forces in Tunisia against Algerian president

A report obtained by a Tunisian newspaper said on Tuesday Qatar is covertly training Algerian terrorists returned from battlefields in Iraq and Syria, in a military base near the city of Beja, Tunisia.

The report revealed that the Qatari ambassador to Tunis, Abdallah Bin Nassir Al-Homaidi, had been tasked with identifying and inviting to Tunisia the Algerian terrorist fighters who went to Iraq and Syria to fight for the extremist groups such as ISIS. According to the report, Qatari embassy in Tunis is coordinating with the Ennahdha Party in order to assemble armed fighters in a military base near Beja and organize them before sending them to Algeria.
The approval from the Ennahdha Party to set up a camp near Beja has been made without the Tunisian government’s knowledge, the report added.
Reports from Tunisian sources also said on February 1 that 800 terrorists who had gone to the conflict zones in Iraq and Syria, had returned to the country.
Meanwhile, Algerian government said it had started building a sand barrier on the borders with Libya and Tunisia so that it can separate itself from the security threats posed by terrorist coming back from war zones, according to local sources. However, security control is very lax on the Algerian-Tunisian border.
The newly obtained report also said the extremist armed men organized in Beja cross into Algeria with the help of smugglers before taking shelter in caves inside the Algerian territories. They are then being gradually sent to big cities across Algeria to conduct anti-government operations.
According to the report, Algerian authorities announced they discovered 5 tunnels on the border between Algeria and Kasserine region in Tunisia and 4 others on the border with El Kef. The terrorists have been using these tunnels to cross into Algeria, the officials said.


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