Qatar conspired against King Abdullah: UAE FM

DUBAI: Foreign minister of the UAE said that Qatar had conspired against the late Saudi King Abdullah. Anwar Gargash accused Doha of supporting extremism. He said that Qatar had hosted Al-Qaida which attacked Iraq and supported Hamas and made relations with Israel. He also said that it had conspired against King Abdullah.
In a series of tweets, Gargash said that Doha stands isolated. He tweeted that we have been used to of the double standard of the Qatar. He said that Qatar had communication with Saudi Arabia while it conspired against King Abdullah. Gargash added that Qatari crisis can not be solved until it changes its orientation that supports extremism, terrorism and conspiracy against neighbors and nations in the region.

The Foreign Minister added that the crisis will continue because Qatar’s leadership is confused and does not wish to address the core issue. Though he praised the earlier Qatar government by saying that it was a “great neighbor” prior to 1995. He said that Qatar must change its orientations that have damaged Qatar’s international standing.

In another series of tweets, he targeted Houthi rebels. He tweeted,”All indications that the Houthi militia unhinged. Loss of legitimacy following murder of Saleh coupled with losses on the ground (5000 killed & captured in December).”In another tweet, he informed,”Arab coalition reiterated that all humanitarian entry points open, however the Houthi control of Hodaida to prolong war cannot continue.”


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