“Palestine, our traditional friend….we can not welcome Israeli PM”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to India on 15th of January. He will remain in the country for three days. But various groups have started to protest against his visit. This will be the very first tour by any Israeli Prime Minister in India. We have talked to some people about his visit. A social activist, Shah Mohd Afzal is not happy with Netanyahu’s visit. He said,”Israel is killing innocent Palestinians which is totally unacceptable. We can welcome him in India because his hands are painted with the blood of the Palestinians.”

Jyoti Rai, a politician, is also unhappy with this visit.He said,”Palestine our traditional friend and this was our policy since we gained Independence. We must have good relations with all the peace loving countries but Israel is not following the policy of oppression.” Western History student Saurabh Singh described his visit as an unfortunate one. He said,”Palestine is our real friend and the government shouldn’t forget it.”

India has voted against the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the United Nations General Assembly, India voted in favour of Palestine and supported the voice of the World. This has given a message to the Palestinians that India will remain with him when such a situation arises. But the Modi government has invited Israeli PM that will send some different messages to the World.


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