Netanyahu behind the arrest of Palestinians in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia

More and more Palestinians are being arrested in Saudi Arabia, according to a Saudi opponent.

Saeed bin Nasser al-Ghamedi, a university professor and critic of the Saudi government who does not live in Saudi Arabia, said the number of arrests of Palestinians residing in Saudi Arabia has increased.

“A large number of Palestinians living in Saudi Arabia have been arrested. Their bank accounts were blocked and their assets confiscated. A number of them are forbidden to leave Saudi Arabia, “al-Ghamedi wrote on his Twitter account.

According to him, the wave of arrests has even affected Saudi citizens who have taken charge of these Palestinians or who work in Palestinian societies. Those arrested are accused of supporting the Palestinian Resistance, Quds, Gaza and Hamas.

The Arabi 21 news site reported that the Saudi security service had arrested some 50 people in early March for “security” reasons. Six Palestinians and three Jordanians are among those arrested. Neither Jordan nor Palestine has so far reacted to the arrest of their nationals.

Arrests of Palestinians are increasing as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said he “received many congratulatory messages” from the Arab states after his victory in the parliamentary elections.

In the process, the American newspaper The Washington Post announced the unveiling of the Deal of the Century in early spring. This plan aims to remove the cause of Palestine and Quds, with the complicity of the Arab countries that are on the same wavelength as the United States.


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