Ministers’ Pay Cut by 20% in Saudi Arabia

King Salman cuts Ministers' pay by 20%

RIYADH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi King Salman has decided to reduce the salaries and benefits of senior government officials on Monday.

The royal decree announced by SPA on Monday orders a 20 percent reduction in the salaries of ministers or those who are of their rank. The decree also includes a 15 percent reduction in the annual subsidy granted to Shoura Council members for housing and furnishing.
It announces a 15 percent reduction in the lump sum paid to Shoura Council members for their car maintenance and fuel cost for four years.
The king also announced in the decree that military personnel deployed on the southern border areas and other persons participating in military, intelligence and security operations abroad have been exempted from the decision of the Council of Ministers.
The decree announces the suspension of granting cars to high-ranking officials up to the end of the fiscal year 1438/1439H. Any minister, or who is of his rank, will bear the cost of landline and mobile phones provided by the state as of 1/1/1438.
The changes are to start with the new Hijri year, which falls on October 1


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