Macron Waits For a ‘Productive’ Government in Lebanon

France reportedly considers the situation in crisis-hit Lebanon as “very difficult” and that French President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts will not stop at making officials in Lebanon designate a new PM, but will also make sure that a “productive” government capable of reforms is formed,” Nidaa al-Watan newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“The Lebanese situation is extremely difficult. The French president will not be satisfied with appointing a prime minister, but he is waiting for the formation of an effective government that will implement reforms,” the newspaper quoted sources close to the French presidency as saying.

They said the French president is “aware” of what is taking place in Lebanon in terms of political consultations. “His requirements are forming an effective and impartial government capable of implementing reforms that enable Lebanon to obtain strong support,” they noted.

“Macron is not going to Beirut to make Lebanese parties reach an agreement, but to obtain a clear and effective commitment within the framework of the new paper he presented during his previous visit. He is keen that vowed commitments take into account the demands of the Lebanese people,” added the sources.



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