Kuwait govt. condemns attacks on Muslims in India, urges OIC and the international community to intervene

The Council of Ministers of the State of Kuwait has condemned  the ethnic attacks against Muslims in India

It seems the Gulf countries have decided to tell India in clear term to ‘stop atrocities against Muslims as enough is enough’.

In the latest development which could put Indian government in an embarrassing situation the Council of Ministers of the state of Kuwait has condemned the attacks on Muslims in India.

Sharing a copy of resolution on his twitter handle renowned Kuwaiti lawyer and activist  Dr. Addullah Alshoreka tweeted “The Council of Ministers of the State of Kuwait condemns the ethnic attacks against Muslims in India”

Expressing its deep concern over the ghastly ethnic attack on Indian Muslims, Kuwait Council of ministers has appealed to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC and the international community to intervene.

The official condemnation came after several Arab activists, intellectuals and royals raised their voices against the growing  attacks on Indian Muslims by Hindu majority in India.

Replying to  @DrAlshoreka’ s tweet   a twitter user Defender_Muslim said  “Great Step! AIl Muslim countries should raise their voice against RSS. RSS is biggest threat to world peace”.

India has witnessed a rise in hatred against Muslims after a section of Indian media misreported a congregation organised by Islamic missionary group Tablighi Jamaat in March in New Delhi after several of the group’s members were infected with Covid-19. The misrepresentation of the incident has led to the social boycott of Muslims in many corners of India and a rise in hate crime against them including lynchings.

Sensing the gravity of the matter PM Modi and foreign minister S.Jaishankar spoke personally to his counterparts across the Arab world in last couple of days.

According to data tabled in Parliament in April 2018,  there are 87.76 lakh (8.77 million) Indians in six Gulf countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The GCC is India’s largest regional-bloc trading partner, which accounted for $104 billion of trade in 2017–18.

India is the highest recipient of remittances at $78 billion in 2018 in the world followed by China with $67 billion. The UAE, which is a host country for around three million Indian expatriates, has traditionally been the largest source of remittances to India.

Source: Muslim Mirror


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