Israel to seek reparation from Middle East nations

Israel is seeking hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation from Middle Eastern countries where Jewish people fled or were expelled from.

The Jewish state has hired an unnamed international accounting company to estimate the damages it should seek per an expected US peace plan, according to a Hahadashot TV report.

Claims for assets in Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Iran and Yemen are expected to reach $200 billion.

Those in Tunisia and Libya will reportedly reach $50 billion.

Iraq was long a historical home to the Jewish people. Additionally, relics of synagogues, Jewish homes, buildings, and other artifacts can be found throughout Kurdistan.

Between 1948 and 1951, more than 121,000 Jews left Iraq for the Holy Land in the so-called Operation Ezra and Nehemiah as Israel airlifted tens of thousands of Jews following the Iraqi government’s intensified persecution following the establishment of the State of Israel.

It is not clear how many Jewish families remain in Iraq, but estimates have put the figure at just a handful. Iraq continues not to recognize the country and forbids the central and regional government from having diplomatic relations.

Heritage sites of Muslims, Christians, and Jews were targeted and/or destroyed by Daesh.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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