Israel model of RSS is dangerous for India’s peace: Suresh Khairnar

New Delhi: Israeli Prime Minister is visiting India this month. Various pro Palestine organisations are protesting against this visit. Dr. Suresh Khairnar, President of the India-Palestine Solidarity Forum and the Rashtra Seva Dal has also protested against it.

Question: How do you see Netanyahu’s visit?
Khairnar: For 70 years of India’s foreign policy,India is with the Palestine. It is the first time that we are seeing it in an opposite direction.

Question: India has given double blow to Israel, how do you see it?
Khairnar: Various governments in India have supported the Palestine. It is for the first time that India seems to be in Israeli favor. RSS considers Israel as a role model, that is the reason behind this approach. There is a huge conspiracy to create a rift between Hindus and Muslims.

Question: Do you consider Netanyahu’s visit as a threat to India’s internal security?
Khairnar: This is a big threat to India’s internal security. A rift has been created in India between Hindus and Muslims for the past 25 years. People sitting in the current government has gained power through hatred.By raising Babri Masjid issue, it had started to polarize the country. The same problem is with the Jerusalem. For India, Ayodhya is a disputed issue but for the world Jerusalem is Ayodhya. It may be said that India’s Jerusalem is Ayodhya, while the world’s Jerusalem is Baitul Maqaddis.

Question: How do you see the India-Israel military relations?
Khairnar: The military relationship between India and Israel is a very big threat. It is dangerous to have a relationship with a communal and a rational person such as Netanyahu. Netanyahu is the most dangerous Prime Minister in the history of Israel also.

Question: How do you see the friendship of Modi and Netanyahu?
Khairnar: There are many such communal faces in the world including Donald Trump in America, Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel and Narendra Modi in India.They are threat to the peace of the country and the world.


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