Israel is not a country, we don’t recognize it: Nadeem Khan

New Delhi: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting India on the 15th of this month. This will be the first visit by any Israeli Prime Minister to India. Several Palestinian supporters group are going to protest against this visit.United Against Hate,a social justice organisation has announced to oppose Israeli PM’s visit to India.

Nadeem Khan, a member of the organization, told that Palestine is the traditional friend of India. He said that the Modi government is trying to break this tradition by inviting Israeli Prime Minister to India. Nadeem has also cited Mahatma Gandhi’s statement in which he had said that the way Britain is for the Britishers, France is for the French,in the same way Palestine is for the Arabs.

Nadeem Khan said that they will oppose Israeli PM with the democratic framework of the country. He said that India should adopt the same policy with Israel that was adopted by earlier governments. India had clearly said that it is with the oppressed Palestinians and not with the oppressor Israel. But the present government is working to break that tradition of India.

He said that we don’t recognize Israel as a nation. When a question was raised to him about why some Muslim countries have good relations with Israel, Nadeem said that Muslim countries are not role models, they themselves have no democracy. We always consider Palestine as a country, there is no country with the name Israel.

Nadeem Khan said that the government of Israel is illegitimate and the ruler of this illegitimate government does not mean anything to us. He said that India was following the tradition of supporting Palestine until the BJP formed government. He said that this was all started in Atal Bihari Bajpayi government.


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