Israel is facing International Isolation : Mithiborwala


Israeli Prime Minister is visiting India this month. Various pro Palestine organisations are protesting against this visit. Feroze Mithiborwala Founder, General Secretary, India Palestine Solidarity Forum share their views with Times Headline.

Times Headline: The recent Rafael Deal cancellation with Israel and Indian stand in UN against USA proposal for Jerusalem considering the capital of Israel is ‘back to square one’ event for Narendra Modi Government?

Feroze: Modi has voted against the President Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem at the UNGA, keeping India’s national strategic interests in mind. The Missile deal cancellation is due to the fact that we have achieved our own advanced missile manufacturing technology, so this is a welcome move by the Modi government.

Yet, this should not in any way considered a downgrading of political & strategic ties with Israel, just a little re calibration to balance out our other regional & global interests. The ideological support for a Jewish state of Israel, goes deep down to the grass-roots of the RSS shakhas and part of the mainstream right wing Hindutva ideology, where both also perceive Muslims & Islam as their common enemy. Also the supremacist ethno-religious nature of Zionist ideology, is similar to the ideology of Brahmanism.

Times Headline: What Banjamin Netanyahu expecting from Narendra Modi in his scheduled visit to India?

Feroze: After facing increasing international isolation, Netanyahu must be hoping for an increased upgrading of ties in every sphere, which is very worrying. Thus we could witness greater amount of military & strategic cooperation. Corporate ties will also increase. Netanyahu is also going to woo Bollywood, as more & more Hollywood stars are boycotting Israel. Thus as Netanyahu faces greater isolation across the world, the Zionist lobbies will focus its energies to infiltrate the Indian ruling classes, just as they have in the US & Canada.

Times Headline: The overall non defense trade between two nations increased 4.5 billion, while India imports the same goods what it exports like machinery, plastic and pumps. Any comment?

Feroze: Worryingly as we witness the greater privatisation of the defence manufacturing sector & we will witness more contracts between the Ambanis, Adanis, Tata & Israel companies, all with the blessings of Modi & Amit Shah,

Times Headline: Three heads visited both countries after Modi takes office, what the reason behind the warmth between Tel Aviv and New Delhi?

Feroze: Modi’s “warmth’ for Netanyahu comes from their common anti-Muslim worldview, where both perceive the Muslims as their common enemy. What is worrying for all Indians, is that both in the short & especially in the long term, a close association with Israel will prove very harmful to India’s internal security & our external strategic interests. Essentially both the US & Israel are in a state of terminal decline as new powers have already emerged on the global stage, namely China & Russia, even as a Europe led by Germany & France move away from the US axis. Thus Modi’s pro-Israeli policies will prove to be a major “Himalayan Blunder”. It is for this very reason that the political & strategic leadership of our country must be made aware of the threat that Israel poses to our national interests.

Feroze Mithiborwala is the Founder General Secretary, India Palestine Solidarity Forum and well known activist. He was co organizer of Global March to Jerusalem.