Israel has shed the blood of innocent Palestinians: Mufti Ashfaq Qadri

New Delhi: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to India on 15th of January. He will remain in the country for three days. But various groups have started to protest against his visit. This will be the very first tour by any Israeli Prime Minister in India.

Mufti Qadri, president of All India Tanjimul Islam, has opposed Israeli PM’s visit to India. He said that Modi Government is forgetting that India has never given importance to Israel, India has always been with the victim Palestine. He said that for centuries, India has been a friend of Arabs. But Mr. Modi is breaking this tradition by inviting the Israeli PM in India.

Mufti Ashfaq Qadri, speaking with a news portal said that we should not forget that Israel has shed the blood of innocent Palestinians. Israel has oppressed them and captured their land. He said that we oppose the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to India and ask the Government of India when India had voted against Israel in the United Nations then why the government has invited him.Why is this a double policy?

He said that India may have to bear the brunt of Israeli friendship with India in some form or the other. India has very good relations wit Muslim countries for centuries.India has a better relationship with the Arabs also. In such a situation, if India befriends Israel, then relations can be affected.

Maulana Ashfaq Qadri said that Israel is an oppressing nation where there is an oppressing government. He said that to be friend with such a nation is just like having a friendship with the oppression and injustice.