Iran hands death sentence, jail terms to US, UK spies: Judiciary spokesman

Iran’s Judiciary says a person has been handed a death sentence after being convicted of spying for the United States, while two others have been given jail terms on the same conviction.

Gholamhossein Esmaili, the Judiciary’s spokesman, made the announcement at a news conference in Tehran on Tuesday, without identifying the individual.

He added, however, that the verdict had been sent to the appeals court upon the defendant’s request.

The official said another defendant, identified as Ali Nefriyeh, had received a 10-year prison sentence for espionage for the CIA and had been ordered to repay $55,000 which he had received from the American spy agency.

Similarly, Mohammad Ali Babapour, was given 10 years behind bars and ordered to repay $55,000 over spying for the US, Esmaili said.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Amir-Nasab, he added, had been given a 10-year jail term for spying for Britain.

Back in July, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said it had captured 17 spies recruited by the CIA to spy on the country’s nuclear and military sites and that some of them had been handed death sentences.

Source: Press TV


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