Iran fires off test long range Ballistic Missile amid drills

BUSHEHR: Iran triumphantly test-fired its long-range surface-to-air S-200 missile ,today as its air defense drills entered the final phase in the country’s southern belt.

Modafean-e-Aseman-e-Velayat 7 (The Defenders of Velayat Skies 7) wargames featuring Iran’s Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) saw its third and final day on Wednesday.

Military commanders from either force came together in the city of Bushehr before S-200 was successfully fired at its designated target on the back of relevant detection and tracking activity.

The day also witnessed the enlisted forces deploying missile defense systems against mock hostile aircraft as per schedule.

In the morning phase of the exercises, the participating forces debuted the Talash (Endeavor) missile defense system on the southern Khark Island to destroy mock intruding drones.

To eliminate the aircraft, which transpired in under a second, the apparatus had to be operated in tandem with the Ofoq (Horizon) Airborne Fire-Control Radar (AFCR).

Elsewhere on the island, various other missile systems, including Mersad (Ambush), were deployed to annihilate mock aggressive aircraft using medium-range missiles.

The maneuvers’ spokesman Second Head of Brigade Abbas Farajpour said — despite prior warning, which had been issued to foreign and domestic aircraft to avoid the drills’ general area — aircraft belonging to extra-regional forces had to be warned away again on 12 occasions during the drills.

The maneuvers take place over an area measuring 496,000 square kilometers throughout Iran’s southern, southeastern, and southwestern parts, the skies above which constitute the country’s most frequented ones.


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