Grand conference in Beirut for Palestinians; Shujaat Qadri to be honored for Palestinian solidarity in India


To show solidarity with Palestinians, a conference has been started on March 11, 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon, on March 11, 2018. The name of this solidarity association is “the whole capital of the whole Palestine”. In this meeting, 350 political activists from 80 countries and non-government organizations will be involved in demonstrating solidarity with the Palestinians.

It has been inaugurated on Sunday night. According to the schedule, a song for world unity will be sung and and after that the world-famous musician Aantzaam will present his program, and at the end of the program 10 activists will be honored for their work in charity.

The first meeting of this program will be held on Monday and it will review the major problems and challenges of the Palestinian people. The topics that will be discussed in this meeting are: Comment made by Trump about Kuds, Palestinian prisoners, attacks of Zionists on children, encroachment, problems of refugees, implantation of Gaza Strip. The second round of meetings will discuss the importance of the coordinated work of the world community and the right use of the existing capabilities for cooperation on the Palestine issue.

In addition to these meetings, the detailed report of “Palestinians return… International Movement” and the accomplishments of their workers in the world will be announced, and later on discussions on how to improve their work capabilities.

As well as, the unions will be unveiled a few new organizations, return board, Kudsa Board, the generalization board of relations. This series of meetings will continue on Tuesday morning also. On Tuesday, to raise the Palestinian issue internationally, the movement of the social media channel and the annual projects of the movement will be united by combining the agitation and all its supporters.

The meeting will be a program of statements to conclude and the concluding statement and speeches of some celebrities. On Wednesday after the meeting ends, the members who will join the group to see the condition of villages located at the Palestine border. At the end of the program, a proclamation will be read by the conference organizers on behalf of the border villages, so that solidarity can be shown with the Palestinian people’s inordinate resistance.

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Tushar Gandhi, former Union Minister Shankar Aiyar, Palestinian activist Shujaat Ali Qadri, President of All India Tanjim Ulmya Islam, Mufti Ashfaq Hussain, senior journalist Akhlak Usmani and Feroz Mithiborwala are participating in this conference from India. Shujaat Ali Qadri will be awarded for his work for Palestinian solidarity in India.