Detecting the identity of the attacker of a church in Cairo

The Egyptian Interior Ministry revealed on Sunday the identity of the suicide bomber killed by the security forces during his failed attempt

“The national security sector was able through the field investigations to identify the terrorist and turned out to be named Omar Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa, 29 years old, resident of Mecca Street Ain Shams holds a commercial technical institute.

The statement pointed out that the information revealed its links with elements of a terrorist cell and their planning to carry out a series of hostilities aimed at disrupting the security and stability of Egypt, including the Church of the “Virgin Mary”, and was linked to six other terrorist elements.

The statement added:

“The security measures adopted by the ministry to secure vital installations and objectives resulted in the success of the security services designated to secure the Church of the Virgin Mary in the area of ??Mostorod during the celebration of the birth of the Virgin Mary in preventing the possibility of one of the terrorist elements to infiltrate the sanctuary to carry out his terrorist scheme.

The statement pointed out that the bomber went down if he saw the security measures in an attempt to find an alternative solution and exploded the explosive device that was in his possession, which led to the death and scattered body parts in the region.

Egypt has been witnessing terrorist attacks against security forces and churches since 2013.


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