20 Qatari ruling family members jailed: French magazine


They are locked up in prison for supporting the four boycotting countries, publicly disagreeing with the Qatari government policy, French magazine reports

Twenty members of the ruling family in Qatar have been locked up in jail as punishment for supporting the four boycotting countries and publicly disagreeing with the Qatari government policy, the French magazine Le Point  published on Friday.

The 20 members were jailed based on direct orders by Shaikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, the magazine added.

In an investigation published on Friday under the headline of “Emir of Qatar orders the imprisonment of ruling family members”, the magazine quoted Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, a French businessman and Chairman of a French management training company, as saying that when he was jailed for being falsely accused of issuing bad check, he met in the prison around 20 members of the royal family and they told him that they were jailed on orders of the Emir of Qatar for supporting boycotting countries including Saudi Arabia.



He said that the Qatari prisoners asked him to convey their voice and case to the world when released, reaffirming that they were all detained for their stances that disagree with the Qatari regime and support boycotting countries.

The French businessman said that the prison suffers from deteriorating health conditions due to widespread insects and the existence of  thugs who intimidate prisoners.

According to the magazine, which contacted the former French prisoner by phone, four members of the ruling family have disclosed their names to the businessman while the rest declined to do so for fear of their lives.

It also added that all jailed ruling family members stressed that the arrest rate has doubled since June 5, soon after the boycotting countries decided to sever their relations with Doha because of its support and funding of terrorism.


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