Muslim majority nations gives huge employment to Indians: Report

Once again, the Gulf countries have played a major role in helping to strengthen India’s economy through foreign currency. According to the World Bank report, Indian workers working around the world sent the foreign exchange of 62.74 billion dollars to India in 2016. In which $ 33.67 billion came from five Arab countries.

With $ 12.57 billion in these countries, the United Arab Emirates is at the top of the list of 135 countries.India have earned $ 10 billion from UAE in 2016. Apart from this, the other four Muslim majority countries also have given much of the foreign currency.

According to the report, India have receive $ 10.22 billion from Saudi Arabia, $ 4.17 billion from Kuwait, 3.76 billion dollars from Qatar and Oman $ 2.95 billion. Apart from this, India received $ 10.65 billion from the United States, $ 3.58 billion from the United Kingdom, $ 2.74 billion from Nepal, $ 2.61 billion from Canada and $ 1.76 billion from Australia.