Jerusalem is an emotional subject: King Abdullah of Jordan

Davos: King Abdullah of Jordan told the World Economic Forum that in Davos that Jerusalem is a city that ends up dividing us but it could be a city that brings us together. He was speaking in response to a question linked to President Donald Trump’s decision that the US will formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with Vice President Mike Pence saying recently that the US Embassy would be ready to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the end of 2019.

Trump’s controversial decision has sparked protests by Palestinians and Muslims throughout the world.King Abdullah said Jerusalem had to be part of a comprehensive peace settlement between Israelis and Palestinians — a stance backed by the EU and by all American presidents before Trump.He said that Trump’s decision has created a backlash. It has frustrated the Palestinians as they think there isn’t an honest broker.” He said that Jerusalem is an emotional subject for everybody.

He further said,“Jerusalem is a city that ends up dividing us, which I think will be catastrophic for mankind, or is it a city of hope that brings us together.” He said it was eternal to Jews, Christians and Muslims and asked the audience to remember Pope Francis’s message at Christmas, hoping that Jerusalem would be dealt with as part of a negotiated settlement.