Saudi Arabia: Girls under 18 will have to take court permission before marrying

Riyadh: Shari’a Council has started discussion on the report of the Committee of Islamic and Judicial affairs regarding the marriage of minors. In this report, the Committee has recommended that girls under the age of 18 will not be able to marry without permission of the court. The report says that to get married under the age of 18, the girl will have to take prior permission from the court. This is clearly written in the report which was read by the chairman of the committee, Abdul Aziz Isa.Assistant President of the Council Yahya Al Saman said that the Committee appealed the Health Ministry to ensure that no girl under the age of 18 could not do pre-marital screening without the direction of the competent court.
In order to create awareness about the marriage of minors, several ministries were invited to give suggestions. The Shari’a Council has also decided to form a committee, in which proposed draft law will be enacted to deal with poverty.