It is wrong and unjust to impose tax on Hajj : Saeed Noori

Muslims participate in Raza Academy's conference.

MUMBAI: In the light of the recent scenario, wherein the Saudi government has announced to levy a tax on visa for pilgrims who undertake Hajj and Umrah for the second time, Raza Academy, Mumbai has strongly opposed this taxation.

The main reason for such condemnation towards the tax has been explained by President of Raza Academy, Alhaj Muhammad Saeed Noori in a statement to, “In 1946, the Saudi government first imposed a tax on Hajj, at a time when Maulana Mufti Mustafa Raza Khan was performing the pilgrimage. Ulemas from various countries such as Egypt, Sudan and Syria inquired Maulana about this taxation. To which Maulana issued a 65-page Fatwa based on the Holy Quran and Hadees, declaring hajj taxation as wrong and unjust.”

Out of the five main tenets of Islam, Hajj stands as a significant one. Islam itself asks one to only undertake the pilgrimage if one is financially and bodily abled.

Saeed Noori also said that Hajj taxation was absolutely un-Islamic and awareness needs to be spread among Indian Muslims so that the taxation is condemned unanimously.

For the same purpose, Raza Academy organised a conference in Sunni Gausia Karbala Masjid where Raza Academy, Mumbai, Sunni Jamiatul Ulema, Gausia Karbala Masjid (Govandi), Ehsaas Foundation unanimously opposed the taxation and suggested that the Saudi government should withdraw the taxation as soon as possible.

At the conference, Noori was quoted saying,”King Salman and the Saudi royal family are the Khadim(servants) of the Masjids, they do no own the masjids and hence they do not possess any right to impose such a tax.”


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