World Book Fair: Islamic books are in huge demand

New Delhi: The World Book Fair is being held in the Pragati Maidan of the Capital. There is a great demand of Islamic books related to the rights of women in Islam. Most of these books are being purchased by non-Muslim women.Amid the debate over triple talaq, women of the country are showing much interests in the rights of Muslim women.

Meraaj Khalid of Markazi Maktab Islami Publishers informed that highest selling book in the World Book Fair is ‘Aurat aur Islam’. While Nadeem Ahmad of Islamic Book Service Ltd. says that the non-Muslim youths are showing much interest in books related to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam.

He said that there is a lot of demand for books like ‘Paighambar ki PatniyaaN’, Paighambar ki BetiyaaN’,’Pati Patni ke Adhikar’, Islam mein Parivarik Moolya’, ‘Pati Patni ke Adhikaar’,’Islam mein Parivarik Moolya’, Women in Islam’ etc. Ahmad said that these books are getting favorable reviews that is why we are working for the Hindi version of these books. These books will also be available in Hindi very soon.

The youths in the fair said that information about Islam is very rare. Someone says that ‘this is written in Islam’, someone says ‘it is written’, someone says that ‘women have been given this right in Islam’, somebody else something else. In such a situation there is a huge confusion.