Workshop on ‘Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs’ organised by ED Cell, Department of Business Administration, AMU Malappuram Centre.

Malappuram: The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) Department of Business Administration, Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram Centre organised its first workshop on Tuesday, 12th of November 2019. The program was initiated under the leadership of Mr. Syed Ahmad Saad, Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration – AMU Malappuram Centre, with the motive of encouraging the students to impart the knowledge of financial literacy in the entrepreneurial field.

The event was conducted by the Financial Literacy and Counselling Centre (Under Reserve Bank of India Financial Inclusion Programme)

The first section of the program was the introductory session where the Teacher in charge welcomed everyone’s presence and talked about the importance of the financial literacy for entrepreneurs. He talked about how in the present world it is important for everyone to know what their capabilities are and how to enhance those capabilities. This was followed by the Director Dr. Faisal KP who congratulated everyone involved with the aforementioned event and presented the guest of honour with a memento for his years of service in their respective field.

The introductory session was concluded by Dr. Ahsan Sadiq where he asked the students to pay close attention to the business environment and to find their hidden capabilities and try to enhance such qualities so as to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set which is beneficial for ones’ growth and development.

The second session of the program was conducted by the guest speaker, Mr. V. Balakrishnan who is a financial literacy counsellor. He engaged the students with his words of wisdom and demonstrated the importance of financial literacy for the entrepreneurs as well as the various financial institutes set up by the government of India to help the emerging entrepreneurs with the help of an engaging presentation. He promised the students that these institutes do not use any type of security as collateral and therefore encouraged the student to not be afraid of undertaking any type of loan for establishing a business. He also described the various leeway and supports provided by these institutions to help the entrepreneurs to grow and develop their business ideas. He also provided the knowledge on how to apply for these various financial services and what are the requirements needed to apply. This section was concluded by a Q&A session from the audience.

Faculties, Staffs and students alike participated actively in the event. This enthusiasm hints that every section welcomes and also do feel the importance of financial literature.  The number of questions from student community was indeed impressive and subtly conveyed that the young minds are open for discussions with an honest frankness. All in all, the event went off very well, and was well appreciated by one and all. The success of this first event by ED Cell invites more thought provoking sessions in upcoming times.


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