BJP’s founder member, 88 years old, former Union Minister and associate of LK Adwani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, SanghPriya Gautam’s open letter to party leaders has sent panic waves in party circles. Gautam has appealed that ShivRaj Chauhan, the former CM of Madhya Pradesh should be made party President, Nitin Gadkari should be declared as Deputy Prime Minister and Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister should be appointed as Chief Minister of U.P.

Gautam is not merely a moon watcher as other members of Modi’s Marg Darshak Mandal are but he is discharging his duty as a true path finder. Gautam feels that this reshuffle is necessary for bringing BJP back to the power. It is doubtful that Gautam’s suggestions will be implemented because all the decisions of the party are taken by two brothers, Narendra Bhai and Amit Bhai. Interestingly Gautam ji has argued for dislodging of one brother form the Presidentship of the Party and as for as the other brother is concerned, the PM, he has enumerated his achievements more generously than Rahul Gandhi.

Why he had not asked for the removal of the Second brother? Time has already slipped away and there will be of no use even if you remove one brother or the both. If both brothers are sincere to the interest of party and also have some self respect, they will themselves resign but it will not solve the problem. Even if Gadkari is made Prime Minister what can he do in next four or five months. Admittedly, if he takes some revolutionary steps in the field of health and education or lay foundation of the Ram temple or there is a confrontation with Pakistan, then people might bring back BJP under his leadership in 2019.

It is a fact that had Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari or Sushma Sawraj would have been the Prime Minister then there was no worry of coming back of BJP in 2019. But unfortunately due to the Modi’s ego and ingratitude not only senior leaders of RSS and BJP are unhappy but even dialogue between ruling party and opposition has vanished. The thirty one percent voters who had made Modi, PM are fed up with his gimmicks. Even if BJP emerges as the largest party in coming polls, it will be difficult to form the Govt. due to the arrogance of these two brothers. The leadership which could not won the hearts of its own people, how can it win other’s confidence? But the experienced, practical and mild mannered leaders like Gadkari, Rajnath Singh or Sushma Sawaraj can be successful in forming a coalition government in 2019.