Why Palestine is Important for Indian?

New Delhi. All India Tanzeem Ulema E Islam and Muslim Students Organisation of India (MSO) organized a conference on Great March of Return to support Palestinian’s right to return. Shri Shujaat Ali Quadri, MSO President has been very actively in the matter of Palestine and has been associated with Palestine movement for some time as a leading student leader of India and representative of Indian youth movement in favour of Palestine. MSO is a student organization focused on Muslim Youth devoted to the causes close to the heart of Muslim Youth. Palestine cause is very dear to Muslim Youth and hence MSO as an organization has been supporting the cause of Palestine for long. Event organized by MSO was just another event to show the dedication of Indian Youth to the cause of Palestine.

Al-Quds (Arabic for Jerusalem) Day has been held on the last Friday of Ramadan in the Islamic Republic since the 1979 revolution.  This event started as counter to Jerusalem Day Celebration by Zionists to celebrate Israel’s victory in 1967 “Six-Day War” which resulted in Israeli occupation of the Jerusalem City termed as “Reunification” by Zionist government of Israel. It is needless to say that International community has never recognized the occupation and still considers the East Jerusalem and West bank as occupied territory.  Speakers at the event talked about the occupation and called for the community to remove armed occupation of East Jerusalem and West Bank.

Shri Shujaat Ali Quadri, MSO president welcomed all the guests and invitees for showing their support for the cause of Palestine by coming here to attend this event. Shri Shujaat Quadri talked about historical background of Palestine issue. He particularly talked about ungratefulness of Jews in forgetting that it was Muslims second Caliph Umar bin Khattab permitted Jews to enter promised land. He stated that Jerusalem is holy city of there Religions-Jews, Christians and Muslims. Al-Aqsa masjid and the Church of Holy Sepulcher are two of the holiest sites of Muslims and Christians. He talked about how the peace efforts have been deliberately sabotaged by hawkish Israeli leaders by unnecessary violence. He talked about global opinion and how Israeli leaders are ignoring all voices for peace including those of Jews wanting peace.

Mufti Khalid Ayyub Misbahi, renowned Islamic Scholar talked about the historical and religious importance of Al Aqsa Mosque. He stated that the importance of Al Aqsa is demonstrated by the facts that it is specifically mentioned in the seventeenth chapter of the Qur’an. According to the Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad was taken on a miraculous Night Journey (Isra’) from Makkah to the place called masjid al- Aqsa (Qur’ān, 17:1): “Glory be to him Who carried His Servant (Prophet Muhammad) by night, from the sacred place of prayer (al-masjid al-haram) to the furthest place of prayer (al-masjid al-aqsa), The precincts of which We have blessed, That We might show him some of Our signs. He is the All – Hearing, the All – Seeing”. He talked about the hadith mentioning the journey of Prophet journey on Al-Buraq (heavenly creature) to the Al Aqsa from where he ascended to heaven. He called upon all religious institutions and Imams to talk about Al Aqsa and its importance in their sermons to remind Muslims about their heritage and to raise awareness about Religious institutions should use Imams should talk about Al Aqsa. He also enlightened the public various verses of Qur’an mentioning Al Quds and Al Aqsa. He called upon the world to use the Palestine Calender to highlight various Palestine related events to refresh the memory of today’s youth.


Mufti Ashfaq Husain President of All India Tanzeem Ulema E Islam talked in particular about Donald Trump, the President of USA announcement to shift the embassy of USA from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem causing worldwide uproar. Even Saudi Arabia, an Israeli camp country have to come out in open and clarify that they cannot accept this as “Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is one of the holiest places in Islam and has a very high place among all Arabs”. He also talked about recent tilting of Indian Politicians towards Israel and announced the public of India is still with Palestine as they do not change their loyalty that easily. He called upon the ruling party to remember that India has been very active in support of Palestine and its sudden shift of policy makes the country loose trust of global community.

Shri Raju Moza talked about humanitarian aspects of Palestine Issue. He stated that Ramallah is facing serious crisis of water where pure water, a basic necessity is not available to people. Gaza has been turned into an open jail by the Israeli Government. He claimed that Palestine issues is a humanitarian issue and not a religious one. He called on resumption of dialogues to resume and called upon the world community to come out in support of Palestinians who have been turned into refugees in their own land. He also talked about the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to Palestine wherein the the Palestinian president sought India’s support for a multi-country mechanism to achieve a “just and desired peace” with Israel in accordance with the two-state solution.

Shri Harsh Pushkarna, President of Uniserve Knowledge Foundation talks about Global Aid to Palestine in excess of $300 for each of the 3.5 million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza strip. He enlightened the public that this aid flows to Palestine in hope of peace and also because of guilt pangs of Global community, which remained a mute witness to the systemic rape of Palestine. He stated that maintaining peace is in interests of Israel also as Donors are paying the cost of Israeli occupation and therefore averting worse situation through their efforts. He also stated these aid flows help Israeli economy also as 40% of all Global Aid flows to Israel in the form and goods and services positively impacting Israeli economy.


Shri Akhlaq Usmani, Vice President of Uniserve Knowledge Foundation gave thank you note by thanking all for their time and support. He personally thanked all the invitees and guests and hoped that they will continue their patronage to the cause of Palestine. The event ended with his thank you note.


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