“We’ve too work together on issues of national importance”

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that opposition will work together on issues of national importance. He said after a meeting of opposition parties held at Parliament Library Building concludes. He said,” Sonia ji(Sonia Gandhi) remarked a few things during her speech – 1st, we have to work together on issues of national importance. 2nd, we have to be very careful as far as ideology of hate is concerned. 3rd, rampant incidents of violence across caste& communities.”

He said,”4th institutions are being undermined. 5th, present govt is using Aadhaar as a tool to breach privacy. 6th, Economic health of country remains precarious. 7th, Unemployment is a matter of great concern for the nation & the govt is doing nothing in this regard.”

Azad said that opposition should adopt a common approach on these issues.”8th, price rise of essential commodities in general & fuel in particular is another matter of great concern. Besides these points there are issues which may rise. We should altogether adopt a common approach & strategy both inside & outside the Parliament,”he added.