Video : ‘Ek Dhakka Aur do Jama Masjid Tod do’ right-wing terrorists shouting in Delhi

New Delhi : The participants who have come to attend the   ‘Vishwa Hindu Parishad’   sponsored  rally at Ramlila Maidan  to demand the fast-tracking of the Ram temple at Ayodhya were openly shouting slogans   to destroy Jama Masjid of Delhi.

While passing through the roads of  Delhi on their way to Ramlila Maidan the terrorists from RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal were spotted  shouting openly rovocative slogans  ‘Ek Dhakka Aur do Jama Masjid Tod do’. Although they came to press their demand regarding the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya but the slogan to demolish Delhi’ famous Jama Masjid is indicating clearly towards their hidden agenda.

Source: Muslim Mirror


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