VHP rules out need for dialogue over Ayodhya dispute


Lucknow. The VHP today ruled out the need for a dialogue over the Ayodhya dispute, saying that archaeological evidence in the matter were in favour of the Hindus and courts go by proof.

Vishva Hindu Parishad spokesman Sharad Sharma’s statement comes in the backdrop of Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar’s offer of mediation and Shia Waqf Board’s chairman Wasim Rizvi’s claims of striking an amicable settlement over the Ayodhya issue.

“There is no relevance of the (recent) clamour for agreement over the Ram Janmbhoomi after the archaeological evidences in this regard have been found to be in favour of the Hindus… the courts also go by evidence,” Sharma said.

“The VHP respects Sri Sri Ravishankar but he should know that efforts in this regard in the past, in which prime ministers, governments and Shankaracharya were also involved, failed to give any result,” he said. Stressing that after the suggestion by the Supreme Court some people have become very active.

“Even those who have no contribution in the movement are leading the campaign for striking an agreement,” Sharma said questioning the longevity of such an agreement and its repercussions.

The Supreme Court on March 21 suggested an out-of-court settlement of the land dispute at Ayodhya, observing that issues of “religion and sentiments” can be best resolved through talks.

The VHP leader said, “The Ram Janmbhoomi belongs to the Hindus and they need not beg anyone for it…the Muslims should themselves take the writ petition back as they had stated in the affidavit in the court.”

“The VHP is keeping an eye on the activities of those involved in the activities for an agreement…It was a temple in Ayodhya and will remain as one…the only work remaining to be done is to give it a grandeur which will be done through Parliament,” he said.

“Lord Rama is the matter of faith for crores of Hindus…the idol is installed at his birthplace and puja is continuously going on…no power can shift it anywhere else,” he said, adding that the matter of the Ram Janmbhoomi temple will be discussed in the 15th ‘Dharam Sansad’ in Karnataka between November 24 to 26.



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