SHAMEFUL: Mob Lynches Muslim Youth who came to tend to injured cow!

LUCKNOW: Violence in the name of cow vigilantism is not stopping anytime soon. The condition has reached here that if a Muslim youth is taking care of the injured cow, he is also being victimized of violence. One such case has now surfaced, in which four Muslim youths who came to help the injured cow were fiercely beaten as a cow smuggler.

According to Jankaki, the case is from Hathras of UP, where the crowd has been brutally beaten by four people on the assumption that they were smuggling the cow for consumption purposes. This incident is from Nagla Mandata village, Hissan police station in-charge Jitendra Kumar said that police arrived at the time and saved all of them from the crowd.

Meanwhile, the owner of the cow claimed that this person was poisoning the animal, Superintendent of Police Sushil Ghule said that if the investigation is found that the person is a cattle smuggler then he will be prosecuted. According to the media report, news spread in the village that some people killed the cow after injecting it, after which the people caught the four and beat them fiercely and then tied them with the rope and finally the police took them away.

The victims claim that they had received a phone call that the cow was injured and immediately got to his treatment, as soon as we started treatment for the cow, they were shouted that they are smugglers, the victim Rashid said that a person named Ramesh Called us, and because of lack of treatment for the sick cow, he gave up suffering in our hearts. According to local people, some people of Rashid were having a dispute for a long time, so the police is not refusing to conspiracy in this matter, the police will take action after the investigation.


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