MSO Lucknow Organised conference ” How Sufism can Counter the Terrorism”


India is the most suitable country to follow Islamic social reform. In India, The fair society welcomed the experiments made by the Sufi Saints on the land of India for social movement in Islam and today the whole world is exploring the path of peace in the successful experiments of Sufi Islam in India. This word has been addressed today by the  speakers on “Sufism – Solution of Terrorism” organized in UP Press Club in Lucknow.

Maulana Mohammad Azam Hasmati said that India has been the land of spiritual experiments. Giving two excellent examples, he described India as Sufism and the most suitable land of Islam. The most Islamic books of the world have been written by the Indians and they are based on almost Sufi Islam which gives the message of peace, coexistence and love.

On this occasion, noted Sufi thinker Maulana Irfanul Haq Qadri said that fanaticism has not been able to create a place in India, whose intention is to seek the country, organization and individual of every turbulent trend. Maulana Irfanul Haq Qadri recalling the Sufi tradition, appealed to the youth to understand the difference between revolution and terrorism. The revolution flows through change, peace, love and co-existence, whereas terrorism leads to murder, injustice, fear and instability of innocent people. Islam’s intent is to establish peace in the world.

Dr Sunil Singh Professor Jaunpur University said that we should understand that there is no trace of terrorism in India. He who came to the   extremist thought, very soon he understood his feelings and returned to the Sufi ideology. Despite being the most Muslim population in the world, you will not see young people of India in Wahhabi terrorism. Dr. Sunil Singh said that the youth should understand the messages of Sufi saints.