Four Day training program for Arabic teachers starts in AMU

Arabic program in AMU

Aligarh. Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is dedicated to language education and achieving overarching goal of promoting teaching excellence as its Department of Arabic in collaboration with King Abdullah bin Abdil Aziz International Centre of Arabic, Cultural Attache of Saudi Embassy in India started a four-day ‘Training Program for Arabic Teachers’.
“With this training programme, we seek to enable educators to teach in real-life contexts in myriad rewarding and enriching ways,” said distinguished Saudi scholar and resource person of the programme, Prof Dhafir bin Ghumran al Amri.
He added that the programme aims to involve reflection on the professional practise of teaching; honing of skills and knowledge to make the experience of Arabic language instruction and learning memorable for students.

Speaking on the rich civilisational and cultural heritage of India, Prof Dhafir pointed out that the third century Arabic rhetoric scholars borrowed from Indian scholars.
He spoke on the works of Prof Abdul Azeez al Maimani and his association with AMU.
Prof Dhafir said that since Saudi Arabia and India share strong ties, he looks forward to a healthy exchange of knowledge and ideas in this workshop and other programmes to come.
Presiding over the inaugural function, AMU Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof M H Beg said that Arabic language is close to the heart of the Muslim community around the world by virtue of being the language of the Holy Quran and Hadith.

Prof Abdur Rahim Kidwai (Director, K A Nizami Centre for Quranic Studies and UGC HRD Centre) made useful suggestions on how participants can benefit from this programme.
Prof Sayyid Mohammad Hashim (Officiating Dean, Faculty of Arts) said that initiatives like this training programme will strengthen ties between India and Saudi Arabia.

Prof M Sami Akhtar (Chairman, Department of Arabic) delineated the importance of the Arabic Language and the contributions of Indian scholars in preserving it.
He added that AMU founder, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was keen on the role and influence of Arabic in India and on establishing the Department of Arabic in AMU.

Prof Akhtar thanked, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and the King Abdullah International Centre of Arabic Studies for putting efforts in promoting Arabic language and teaching.
Professor Mohammad Rashid Nadwi welcomed Prof Dhafir with lines of classical Arabic poetry, while Prof Mohammad Faizan Beg (Coordinator of the workshop) introduced the resource to the participants.