AMU students demands quick action in Sanskriti Rai’s case


Aligarh. Students of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh have gathered today 30 June 2018 at 7:30 PM at Bab-e-Syed to raise a voice against the growing rate of heinous crimes like rapes and murders across the country. We intend to raise this issue so as to bring it to the notice of the administrators of the country.

India has become the world’s most dangerous country for women. In recent months, the rape torture and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Jammu, an 11 year old in Gujrat and the rape of 17 year old in Lucknow are evidence of an alarming rate of increase in crime.

“Government should focus on education and character building of the young generation so as to get good professionals and humans in our country and should create more jobs so as to remove jobless youth from doing anything destructive”, said Mazin Husain Zaidi, Former Vice President of AMUSU.

“Government and administration should act properly to nab the criminals at the earliest and these criminals should be tried in special courts and we demand ‘Death Penalty’ for the criminals once proven guilty of rape. Also, rupees 50 lakhs should be released from Nirbhaya fund for the rape victims”, said  Umair R Khan, Student Leader AMU.


“We not only need strong laws but also their strict enforcement so as to ensure justice to the victims. It is hoped that the government will look into the matter of Women and Children Safety more seriously”, said Nabila Zehra, Former Cabinet Member of AMUSU.

The following four demands were raised by all the Students:

  • A Special Investigation Team should be appointed to make a report on Sanskriti murder and rape case.
  • To ensure speedy justice, trial should take place in a Fast Track Court.
  • Compensation of Rupees 50 lakhs should be released from Nirbhaya Fund for the grieving family of Sanskriti.
  • State Government should create more jobs so as to prevent jobless youth from doing anything destructive and must come up with strong measures to arrest the criminals at the earliest.

Others present were Adnan Aamir, Mansoor Ilahi (Ph.D. Scholar ), Alauddin(Ph.D. Scholar ), Hamzah, Zaid, Shabaaz and many students.



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