Allama Iqbal is a cultural treasurer of Indian sub-continent: Muslim Forum


Aligarh: Sir Allama ( Dr. ) Mohammad Iqbal was such an Islamic thinker, philosopher and poet of Urdu and Persian that he has left his imprints in religious and cultural field of country said former AMU Court Member Syed Mohammad Sibtain Naqvi while chairing an interaction meeting on Allama Iqbal and Human Values to celebrate his 140th birth anniversary at Media Center Aligarh today. He said that Allama Iqbal has created history in expressing human misery in his poetry.

AMU Court member Prof. Humayun Murad said that we should accept two most prominent poets of that time Allama Iqbal and Ravindra Nath Tagore as creative messiah.

Dr. Jasim Mohammad said that Allama Iqbal has given new mile stone to nationalism also. He said that often controversies are being generated on Allama Iqbal that he is responsible for division of country, but his opponents forget that it was Allama Iqbal who had said that Sare Jahan Se Achchha Hindustaan Hamara. He pointed out that in the times of Allama Iqbal socio-political changes were taking place and so the whole personality of Allama Iqbal must be analyzed who is symbol of our composite culture .

Dr. Shireen Masroor said that basically Allama Iqbal was Islamic thinker and his poetry depicts that.

Dr. Aftab Ahmad said that Allama Iqbal had multifaceted personality. On one hand his poetry portray him as philosopher and on the other hand he has also taken up cause of marginalized masses.

In the end of interaction meeting Muslim Forum demanded from central government that Allama Iqbal Chair should be established in all central and state universities so that research may be conducted on the life and contributions of Allama Iqbal and young generation may motivate by him.