UP: ‘No one thought he was planning something like this,’ says father of alleged IS operative

Kafeel Ahmed, a farmer, told a news channel that his son was “ polite and never fought with anyone.”

The father of alleged IS operative Mohammad Mustakeem Khan alias Abu Yusuf Khan, who was arrested in Delhi, on Sunday said people knew his son as a “very good person” and he could have never imagined that his son would take to terrorism. Kafeel Ahmed, a farmer, told a news channel that his son was “ polite and never fought with anyone.”

Khan’s wife, Ayesha, however, said she had told him not to indulge in “wrong activities” but he did not listen to her. “I had told him (Khan) that you are indulging in wrong activities and you should refrain but he did not listen,” she said. Khan, 36, from Badhiyaa Bhaisaahi village in Balrampur district was arrested from Delhi late on Friday night after a brief exchange of fire with police, according to Delhi Police. He was alleged to have planned a “lone wolf” strike in Delhi.

Asked about Khan collecting explosive material and testing bombs in a graveyard, Ahmed said, “I have not heard anything about explosive material. If I had any idea that he was collecting it, I would not have allowed Abu Yusuf to stay in my house.

Residents of the village expressed shock after learning about the arrest and recovery of explosives from Khan’s house.

“We are all surprised with the recovery. No one could even think that he was planning something like this. His wife, Ayesha, said that for the last few days she had suspected something unusual after he brought explosives and other material to the house. When she questioned him, he threatened her to not reveal it to anyone,” said Mustafa, husband of village pradhan Tahmuri Nisha.

After a Delhi Police team returned from the village on Sunday , residents visited Khan’s family.

Mustafa said he was informed that Khan had visited a Gulf country twice and worked as a labourer there. One of the four sons of a farmer, the accused had also worked in Mumbai, Delhi, Raipur and Uttarakhand for some day, said Mustafa. Balrampur police said they were verifying details about Khan’s visit to the Gulf.

Khan’s two younger brothers are working as drivers in Saudi Arabia, said Mustafa, while another lives in the village. The three persons detained for questioning, were released on Sunday.

Hours before Delhi Police announced Khan’s arrest, his relative staying in Lucknow approached Lucknow Police stating that he was missing. Lucknow resident Mazhar told police that Khan told him on phone that he had reached the city by bus. Around 11 am, Khan again called Mazhar and informed him that he was going to Dubagga, and after that his phone was switched off, according to police.

Source: The Indian Express


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