United Nations Representative Nicky Haley is the most vulnerable face selected in India


• Vote in India for the Sixth Wet Gunpowder Award
• Nicky Haley tops as she is on India Tour

New Delhi, June 29: Voting for Sixth Wet Gunpowder Award held at New Delhi under the aegis of All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam, three candidates for the award in Delhi have held their views on US President Donald Trump, United States Representative to UNO Nicky Haley and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Organizations around the world have a goodwill gesture towards intellectuals, workers and victims every year, before they take the opinion of the general public in the big cities of the world, and after that there will be an most immoral leader gets this award.

A thousand ballot papers were printed for this voting held in Shastri Park in Delhi and a three hour time was fixed for the vote, but after Friday prayers, as soon as the voting was opened to the public, the ballot in the same hour ended and people kept their opinions with enthusiasm.

After the vote, 973 ballot papers were found correct, with the most votes being received by Nicky Haley. With 513 votes, the people of India considered this year’s leader of the wet gunpowder award, after which Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received 289 votes, while US President Donald Trump got third place with 171 votes.

Ambassador Nikki Haley is on a visit to India and she is a very popular name in the media recent time. The reason behind the likes of Nicky Haley for the award of India’s people is given to us by Organization’s representative Shujaat Qadri. He said that Nicky Haley is currently in India and the information about her got popular. This is the reason that Nikki’s adventures have also reached to the people of India.

Qadri said that against Nikki Haley, many cities besides Delhi and Jaipur have faced opposition from the people of India.

Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri, National President of All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam, said that we will share the results of this voting with our global partners and make them aware of these results. Mufti said that not only Muslims of India but also majority Hindus are against the illegitimate occupation of Israel on Palestine, oppression of Zionist forces and dual policy on US terrorism.

The way Israel’s regime has tried to crush the Palestinians’ global march to return, it has completely lost its status in human rights violations. This is the moral defeat of Israel.
Opinions were also sought from the common people of New Delhi during the voting.

In response to a question, a young man, Qasim Khan, said that in his eyes, Donald Trump, Nicky Haley and Netanyahu are all guilty but they consider Nikki more guilty because she is defensive towards Israel’s human rights violations in the United Nations.

Another young Afzal also regarded Nicky as the biggest culprit for human rights violation and was considered a suitable candidate for the wet gunpowder award. Naeem said that he hates Netanyahu because his hands are dyed with ordinary Palestinians blood.

After voting, All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam activists released the opinion of India and released the number of total votes for the Wet Gunpowder Award in front of the media.


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