Two protest venues, one anthem: Protesters, police join in singing ‘Jana Gana Mana’

At two anti-Citizenship Act protest sites, a viral video of a Bengaluru cop pacifying the crowd and asking them to join him in singing the national anthem, and another of protesters trying to convince the Delhi Police to join them.

A video of a senior Bengaluru police official appealing to people protesting against the new citizenship to peacefully vacate the area after singing the national anthem along with him has gone viral.

On Thursday, protesters in Bengaluru defied prohibitory orders and poured onto the streets demanding the Citizenship Act be repealed. Historian Ramchandra Guha was among the 100 others detained at Town Hall.

In the video that has now gone viral on social media, Bengaluru DCP Chetan Singh Rathore can be heard saying: “When you are part of any group, you might get swayed by mob mentality. And there can also be a few hiding among you with that mentality. And if that person takes advantage of this, all of us will get beaten up.”

To this, the protesters replied: ” You are right, you are right.”

The DCP further said, “Now, if you trust me, then I will sing a song. And all the countrymen will stand with me.”

As he began singing the national anthem, the protesters also joined him. They later vacated the area, according to news agency ANI.

The national anthem was also sung at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar on Thursday, but by the protestors, who were trying to convince the Delhi Police to sing.

Some participants also handed out roses to security personnel, saying even if they were lathi-charged, their message would be “love in return for hatred”. “Dilli Police baat karo, Chalo humare saath Chalo. Hum yuva hai baat karenge. Naaki joota-laat karenge!” they chanted.

Sandeep Dhiman, a protester, was quoted by PTI as saying, “They can lathicharge us as much as they want, we will still offer them roses. Love in return for hatred. We are ready to face their tear gas and water canons.”

The protestors, including students and activists, gathered at Jantar Mantar after they were not allowed to hold demonstrations near the Red Fort and Mandi House, where prohibitory orders have been imposed.

Source: The Indian Express


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