Tribal family ‘quarantined’ inside toilet in Guna school over virus scare, Congress taunts Scindia

A tribal family in Guna was allegedly put up inside a toilet at a school upon their return to their village.

ASahariya tribal family was allegedly quarantined in a school toilet in Devipura village in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. The family had returned from Rajgarh district on Saturday night and they were holed up inside the toilet over fears of coronavirus.

A picture of one of the family members having food inside the school toilet has gone viral, triggering outrage.

The opposition Congress took a dig at its former MP and now BJP leader Jyotiraditya Sindia who brought down the Kamal Nath government in March and said, “This is a picture from Guna, where a family has been quarantined inside a toilet. Those who used to threaten us to take to the streets on every other issue, have fallen in the eyes of the people.”

Jyotiradirya Scindia held the Guna Lok Sabha seat for decades after his father. Scindia won the Guna seat for Congress for several elections before he was defeated by KP Yaday of the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

It is being alleged that the family with two children had returned to Devipura on Friday evening when villagers refused them entry before a medical test for coronavirus was conducted on them. The family, according to the local administration, was asked to stay in the local primary school for the night.

On Sunday morning, a team of health and district administration officials reached the school and found a male member of the family having food inside the toilet. A team member clicked his picture and sent it to supervising officials of the health department. The picture has since gone viral.

The district administration in its clarification has said that the family was asked to stay in a school after villagers refused them entry.

The district administration even said that the father who was seen in the picture had a fight with his wife after consuming alcohol

“At the school, he consumed alcohol and had a fight with his wife and went to the toilet with his food plate. This was the time when the team of officials reached the spot and clicked the picture. A proper arrangement was made for the family inside the school premises and they are not staying in a toilet,” the district administration said in its statement.

Source: India Today